"Bernard Powell Memorial "

Location: 28th & Brooklyn SW corner, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Kansas City, MO Parks & Recreation Dept.

Artist/Designer: Eugene (Bud) Bortner

Dates: Fountain dedicated August 15, 1988; Statue installed in 1991

Photo Credit: Judith Burngen

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Bernard Powell Memorial

This fountain is maintained by City of Fountains Foundation.


Bernard Powell, a social activist, was slain in 1979. He founded the Social Action Committee of 20 (Action Committee for Social Change) and the committee worked tirelessly for many years to raise $170,000 for a fountain in his memory. The fountain and plaza were installed and dedicated in 1988. The bronze likeness of Powell was installed in 1991. The fountain contains a life size figure standing on a base under which water is pumped and cascades down over the 5' high base into a catch basin. Placed in front of his boyhood home and facing NE, the 5'8"  bronze figure wears a sport jacket and slacks. The legs of the figure are spread and his arms crossed over his chest. The jacket has large pockets on each side. On the left lapel is a round 2" in circumference button. On the right lapel is a 1" square button. He is wearing an earring in his left ear and a beret on his head. In the SW corner behind the statue is a slab of concrete  approximately. 2 1/2 x 20" containing a time capsule to be opened in 2041.  To the right of the statue is a bronze plaque embedded in an 18" wall. 


In SW corner behind statue: "Bernard Powell Memorial Time Capsule. To be opened 8/19/2041. 8/19/1991"

 To the right of the statue is a  bronze plaque embedded in an 18" wall that reads - "Bernard Powell - born 3/5/1947 - died 3/8/79"