"Romanelli Gardens Fountain"

Location: 400 W. 69th Street, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Armour Fields Homes Association

Artist/Designer: Romano Romanelli

Dates: 1925

Photo Credit: Judith Burngen

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Romanelli Gardens Fountain

This fountain is maintained by City of Fountains Foundation.


The entrance to Romanelli Gardens is on the west side of Wornall Road at Sixty-Ninth Street. The focal point of the entrance is a long, rectangular grassy island that is flanked with homes. It contains a fountain purchased in Florence, Italy. The classic pedestal fountain was installed in 1925 shortly after the first homes in the subdivision were sold. The fountain appears much the same as it did in 1925.

A classic pedestal type fountain, it is topped by three cherub-like children surrounding a goose with upturned neck; with a single jet stream.  Water fills scalloped bowl; reminiscent of an inverted turtle's shell, on a raised stem.  Overflow from the bowl is directed toward two indentations at either end that features ram heads.  Water fills 30 foot pool where fountain is centered. The original, made of stone, is now located in the flower garden near the bronze replacement. The Romanelli Gardens Homes Association conserved the fountain in 2005 and created an endowment for its future maintenance.