"Harvester KC"

Location: 1100 Walnut, Kansas City, MO

Owner: United Missouri Bancshares, Inc.

Artist/Designer: Nancy Graves

Photo Credit: Judith Burngen

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Harvester KC


This refreshing fountain and sculpture sits back from the heavy traffic of Walnut Street. Vertical jets of water form the perimeter of the pool. The bronze and steel sculpture is the work of Nancy Graves. From the granite base, vegetation and artifacts particular to the Midwest (corn, wheat, sunflowers, a windmill, tractor part, sickle bar and rake) rise up.  A triangular canopy of cast bronze maple and bloodroot leaves sit atop sheets of stainless steel representing lakes and streams.  On two sides of the canopy, 18-inch ears of bronze corn and wheat span a diamond-shaped directly cast rope.  A sickle bar and a river vertically project through the canopy.  At mid-height, a triangle fence made of acetylene torch-cut stainless steel visually bisects the sides of the triangular leaf canopy.  A cultivator rests atop one of the points of the triangle.  A windmill and 18' diameter sunflowers form the base elements.  The main vertical elements have been painted with an outdoor polyurethane paint in pine and dark rose.  Other parts have been painted in pale yellows, pinks, greens and blues.