"Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain"

Location: 6355 ward parkway, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Kansas City, MO Parks & Recreation

Dates: Dedicated 1925

Photo Credit: Judith Burngen

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Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain


Purchased by J. C. Nichols in Venice, Italy in the early 1920's - the sculpture dates to 1700's. The fountain is named for the three mythological sea horses perched atop the stone pyramid. The horses support a fluted saucer which has a carved lion's head which spouts water as the saucer fills. The middle tier has 3 cherubs holding an identical smaller saucer. The top tier is a sculpture of two cherubs holding a saucer.. The original statue had a child riding a dolphin, but vandalism in 1960 forced the Park Board to change to a saucer top. The lower jet of water is very forceful with the upper and smaller jets creating a mist when a small breeze blows. The Sculpture is atop a stone base approx. 30' high. The entire fountain and statuary was refurbished in 1992.