"R.R. Osborne Plaza"

Location: 100 E. Santa Fe Drive, Olathe City Hall, Olathe, KS

Owner: City of Olathe, KS

Artist/Designer: Arlie Regier, Dave Regier and Phil Epp and Terry Corbett

Dates: dedicated November 21, 2003

Photo Credit: Roy Inman

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R.R. Osborne Plaza


Located in front of the Olathe City Hall, the R. R. Osborne Plaza is dedicated to Olathe visionary, Robert R. Osborne, a banker, businessman and philanthropist (1904-2001). The Plaza, called Reflectives Places, contains three works; two by Arlie Regier and Dave Regier and one designed by Phil Epp and Terry Corbet. 


                                                                         R.R. Osborne Plaza

                                                           Dedicated to an Olathe Visionary

                                                                        November 21, 2003

Robert R. Osborne-Olathe banker, businessman, and philanthropist, 1904-2001. His

longstanding community leadership and unfailing support for those in need helped shape

Olathe and its institutions. The art works in this plaza are intended to honor one of Olathe

greatest citizens and inspire future generations of Olatheans to give back to the community.

                                         "Giving More than You Take"

                                         Alie Regier and Dave Regier 

The massive work in stainless steel addresses the heritage and vision of the City of Olathe.

The intricate aligning of thousand of pieces of steel makes reference to the Santa Fe Trail, the

railroads, Olathe Medical Center, Kansas School for the Deaf, Mid America Nazarene

University, and many other entities that have interplayed to make Olathe what it is today.

                                        "Open Book: The life of R. R. Osborne"

                                               Arlie Regier and Dave Regier

The life of R. R. Osborne, his agrarian beginnings, achievements, and legacy are suggested by

the book-shaped work. It reflects the generosity this great man bestowed on Olathe, its

institutions and its citizens.

                                                    "Reflective Spaces"

                                              Phil Epp and Terry Corbett

With a blue sky, white clouds, and gently rolling fields, the work in tile relates the optimism

with which R.R. Osborne approached life-an optimism tempered by overcoming adversity.

The setting is an interpretation of the country west of Olathe.