"Thomas H. Swope Memorial Fountain"

Location: Swope Park Golf Course, Kansas City, MO

Dates: 1922

Photo Credit: judith Burngen

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Thomas H. Swope Memorial Fountain


In 1896, Thomas Swope donated two square miles to the city for use as a park. One hundred years later, Swope Park is still a work in progress. The Kansas City Zoo is enjoying record attendance. Starlight Theater offers outdoor musicals and concerts. Improvements to the facilities are constantly on the drawing board and these enhancements have strong support in the area. A portion of the memorial to Thomas Swope is a 6' pedestal fountain. A 4' balustrade of white stone frames this classical pedestal. 84' to the east is the granite mausoleum. Thomas Swope was buried under the floor of the Thomas H. Swope Memorial near the Swope Memorial Golf Course in April 1918 about nine years after his death in 1909. This fountain was updated in 2003.