"American Legion #2"

Location: Swope Park, Meyer and Mall Drive, Kansas City, MO

Owner: City of Kansas City Parks & Recreation

Artist/Designer: Robert Merrell Gage

Dates: October 31, 1921

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American Legion #2


In 1921, the American Legion held its national convention in Kansas City. One of the highlights of that convention was the dedication of two fountains, gifts from the city under the administration of Mayor James Cowgill to honor the eight local American Legion posts. One of the two monuments, a drinking fountain, is located in Swope Park north of the main shelter house and adjacent to the Loose Memorial Flagpole.

The fountain, a six foot rectangular slab of Tennessee marble buttressed by projecting wings, cost the city $8,000. At the center of the pedestal and 10" below is a large bronze plaque depicting American soldiers entering a war ravaged French village. The ornamental plaque has 22 figures of soldiers, children, elderly and wounded. Fourteen face right and the remainder face left. Below is a half moon drinking fountain with two steps.