Since the first streams of sparkling water spouted across a concrete pond in the middle of The Paseo Boulevard in 1899, the collective wishes and aspirations of Greater Kansas City have been reflected in our famous fountains.

These unique and varied water sculptures and statuary do more than just give our neighborhoods and public spaces vitality and a special sense of place. They commemorate and celebrate the visions, deeds, and generosity of generations of Kansas Citians who helped make so many of our community’s wishes come true.

In 1973, Kansas Citians Harold and Peggy Rice, working with Kansas City’s award-winning Parks and Recreation Department, established The City of Fountains Foundation to encourage the establishment, maintenance and long-term endowment of our signature fountains.




The City of Fountains Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the conservation of the historic fountains and sculptures in the Kansas City area. 

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