49/63 Neighborhood Fountain

49/63 Neighborhood Fountain, Photo by Bradley Cramer

Location: E 58th Street and Lydia Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Owner: KCMO Parks & Recreation

Designer/Artist: Will Nettleship

Installed: 1997


AKA Lydia Street Neighborhood Fountain

Designed by artist Will Nettleship, this fountain is found in a green space at the intersection of E 58th and Lydia and bordered on the east by The Paseo. It is in the 49-63 Neighborhood Coalition which encompasses many neighborhoods between 49th Street and 63rd Street.

The fountain is made of brick and concrete. The water comes out at the top of the brick area and flows down to a drain. Some bricks are raised causing the water to follow a predetermined course to the drain. The concrete outcropping with brick lines is a theme of the green area as there are three others in the park of same design.

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