Double Monopole

Location: Kansas City International Airport, 1 International Square, Kansas City, MO

Owner: City of Kansas City, MO

Artist: Keith Sonnier

Dates: Constructed 2004-2006, Dedicated 2006

Medium: Steel, neon lights


Located at Kansas City International Airport in the median of Cookingham Drive, just south of Paris Street and before you reach or right after you leave the airline terminals is this large steel structure. The Double Monopole consists of two steel monopoles, each one 60 feet tall. The south monopole is 60 feet wide and the north monopole is 80 feet wide. The artwork as a whole lights up in neon blues, pinks and yellows from dusk until dawn and serves as a welcoming beacon for those entering the airport from both the air and the ground.

Each monopole contains a 30 foot tall fountain/waterfall. Water is pumped from the reservoir across the street to the north. This artwork is not only ornamental but also functional as the waterfalls help aerate the water in the reservoir.

Part of the City of Kansas City's One Percent for the Arts Program.

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