Women's Leadership Fountain

Firefighters Memorial Fountain, Photo by: Bradley Cramer

Location: The Paseo and E 9th Street, Kansas City, MO

Owner: KCMO Parks & Recreation Department

Dates: Constructed 1899, Restored 1989-2003

Artist/Designer: John Van Brunt and George Kessler

The City of Fountains Foundation holds an endowment for this fountain.


This fountain was the second fountain built in Kansas City and is its oldest working fountain. It was completed in 1899 and designed by John Van Brunt and George Kessler. After a long period of non-use, the basin was excavated and repaired in 1970. In 1989, the Central Exchange took leadership in raising money for a partial restoration and named it The Women’s Leadership Fountain. Funds from the sale of other City property were used to complete the restoration in 2003. The names of thirteen women who have made notable contributions to the City will be added later.

1845-1931 Myrtle Page Fillmore

1850-1934 Phoebe Jane Ess

1850-1913 Alice Berry Graham

1851-1940 Mary Harmon Weeks

1854-1929 Bertha Manheimer Leiberman

1860-1933 Katherine Berry Richardson

1884-1974 Nelle Elizabeth Peters

1884-1964 Caroline Benton Cockfair

1886-1983 Ada Crogman Franklin

1893-1977 Guadalupe Bribiesca de Garcia

1894-1990 Madalyn Pinkston Brock

1899-2004 Ellen (Nell) Donnelly Reed

1917-1970 Esther Swirk Brown

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