The Moons

September 4, 2016

Location:  Sprint Center, 1407 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO


Owner:  Sprint Center


Artist:  Chris Doyle


Dates:  2007


Medium:  LED screens, video and landscaping




In front of the huge glass structure of the Sprint Center, the artist, Chris Doyle, created a plaza with three elliptical gardens.  The gardens on each end both contain a pool with a small water jet in each pool section.  A "moon" made of a large circular LED screen hangs above each garden.  Each "moon" is 10 feet in diameter and they step up in height from north to south.


In September of 2006, the artist videotaped over 600 Kansas City residents over the course of three days through an open call.  The participants were filmed jumping on trampolines.  The resulting footage was edited so that the participants appear to fly across the moon screen as if they were orbiting the arena.  The LED screens play 24 hours a day every day and they change with the seasons.


Part of the City of Kansas City's One Percent for the Arts Program.








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