Bronco Buster

Location: Barney Allis Plaza, W 12th Street and Central Street, Kansas City, MO

Owner: City of Kansas City, Missouri

Artist: Frederic Remington

Dates: Dedicated November 25, 1985

Medium: Bronze (sculpture), granite (base)


This sculpture is an enlarged replica of Frederic Remington's "Bronco Buster," which was originally cast in 1895. This replica is almost 12 feet tall while the original casts were either 23 or 32 inches tall. It consists of a horse and rider. The horse is rearing up on his hind legs while the rider leans forward with his right arm extended holding a whip.

It was a gift to the City of Kansas City by the friends of Dutton Brookfield to honor his memory. His many friends also raised the funds for the memorial and its maintenance endowment. There was some controversy regarding the sculpture before its placement as objections were raised because the piece is a reproduction, as opposed to an original work, and has a western theme.

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