Crown Center Square Fountain

Location: Crown Center, 2450 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation

Dates: 1983


Across the street from the entrance to the Crown Center shopping mall is this fountain in Crown Center Square. It contains 49 water jets and 48 water shooters that spout water up to 60 feet into the air before coming back down to a 37,500 gallon underground reservoir. Water is recycled back into the fountain at a rate of 2,200 gallons per minute. At certain times of the day, the fountain creates dancing water shows synchronized to music by the Kansas City Symphony. During these shows, the jets shoot water in specially choreographed patterns.

A few years ago, controversy ensued when Crown Center fenced off the fountain. It had been a popular place for people to cool off in the summer and for children to play but the fountain was not designed for those purposes and the fence was installed.

Crown Center Square is also the site of the Mayor's annual Christmas tree display. The display has the Mayor's tree, lots of lights, ornaments, Nutcracker statues and displays of larger-than-life toys.

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