Kansas City Star Fountain

Location: 1729 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Owner: The McClatchy Company

Dates: 1964

As of 2018, this fountain no longer exists at this location.


The city's emphasis on urban beautification n the 1960s served as a catalyst for private enterprise. In 1964, the owners of the Kansas City Star building dedicated this fountain. It is designed to produce a pleasing symmetry of water and landscaping. It features five granite bowls, one large one in the middle with four smaller ones surrounding the large one, on top which spill water into a square pool. Water flows out of the square pool through cuts in the granite wall into a second pool, which also contains multiple water spouts. The fountain is surrounded by plants and flowers and sits in a small park behind the Kansas City Star building.

In 2018, the building came under new ownership. The new ownership has plans to redevelop the building at the lot it sits on into an apartment building. The fountain was removed and is currently under the stewardship of the City of Kansas City. Its future is currently up in the air.

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