Rockhurst University Fountain

Location: Rockhurst University, 1100 Rockhurst Road, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Rockhurst University

Dates: Dedicated October 17, 2000


In the summer of 1998, Rockhurst University undertook a campus beautification project. The $10 million project, largest in school history, took an old parking lot and constructed a new bell tower, a pergola, pedestrian walkways and this fountain on that site.

There is a decorative tile floor containing fourteen water jets. The jets shoot water up to varying heights. It is next to a pedestrian walkway and across the walkway from the pergola-covered seating area and the bell tower. It provides a nice, relaxing area for students to walk through, sit and study and gather for activities.

Rockhurst alumni R. McRae (Mac) Geshwind donated the funds for construction of the fountain and he and his wife are honored on a nearby plaque. The quadrangle containing the fountain, bell tower and pergola was dedicated and blessed by Jesuit Father Edward Kinerk, then-Rockhurst president, on October 17, 2000.

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