Romanelli Island Fountain

Location: W 69th Street, Edgevale Road and Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Armour Fields Homes Association

Dates: Installed 1925, Restored 1993, Conserved and new sculpture placed 2007

Artist: Romano Romanelli (fountain and original sculpture), Robert Ojeda and Marretta Kennedy (current sculpture)

Medium: Travertine (fountain and original sculpture), bronze (current sculpture)


AKA Romanelli Gardens Fountain, Romanelli Court Fountain, Romanelli Fountain, Romanelli Park Fountain

The entrance to what was once known as the Romanelli Gardens subdivision, and what is now part of Armour Fields, is signified by this island created by W 69th, Edgevale and Wornall. This island, dedicated as Romanelli Island in 2007, is home to this fountain. The fountain was purchased in Florence, Italy in 1925 and was created by Romano Romanelli. The fountain, a traditional pedestal type, and sculpture are made of travertine, a type of limestone. The sculpture on top depicts three cherubs surrounding a goose. The goose's head is upturned and a stream of water issues from the end of its beak. The water falls into a scalloped bowl and flows out of two ram's heads on opposite sides into the pool below. The 30-foot long pool also feature two water jets keeping water moving in the pool.

As mentioned above, the original fountain and sculpture were purchased and installed in this location in 1925. In 1993, the fountain was restored. In 2005, the Armour Fields Homes Association undertook an effort to conserve the fountain, which was completed in 2007. Part of the conservation effort involved replacing the original travertine sculpture on top of the fountain with a bronze replica. An endowment was also created at this time to provide funds for future maintenance.

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