Gift of Life Fountain

Location: Stowers Institute for Medical Research, 1000 E 50th Street, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Dates: September 9, 2000

Artist: Richard MacDonald (sculpture)


AKA Stowers Gift of Life Fountain, Stowers Fountain

This fountain is a memorial to and celebration of organ donors and is in honor of 8-year old Aaron Drake, whose donated liver saved the life of Luke Harbus after a transplant at Childrens' Mercy Hospital. According to the plaque, "Organ and tissue donation saves lives, provide hope and spare families the needless loss of loved ones."

If there's something in particular that you like about fountains, this one probably has it. Up by the parking lot in front of the building, there are five water jets in a basin. There is a waterfall. There is a sculpture entitled "Joie de Vivre" by Richard McDonald on top of a pedestal from the top of which water flows and cascades over the rim. There is a walking path through a "rocky" stream that turns into rapids as it flows into the lower pools. At the west end of the pools is one tall water spout. There is a covered seating area up top by the parking lot and the first basin. There is also landscaping and other benches around the pools. It is intended to be a relaxing place for both visitors and Stowers' employees.

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