Beaumont Fountain

Location: Chateau Avalon, 701 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS

Owner: Chateau Avalon

Dates: Dedicated August 2006

Designer: Steve Beaumont


The Chateau Avalon Hotel in Kansas City, KS is located east of the Kansas Speedway and south of the Cerner Campus and is just down the road from the Legends Shopping Center. In a traffic circle in front of the hotel is this massive fountain. At 29 feet tall and 48 feet in diameter, it is the largest structural fountain in the Kansas City Metro area.

Steve Beaumont, the owner and designer of the Chateau Avalon, also designed the fountain. It is inspired by the Fontaine De Mers at Palace de Concorde in Paris, France but also is influenced by Spanish and Italian designs. It is made of concrete and stone. It was also the first fountain in the Midwest to be lit completely by LED lighting and is capable of the full colour spectrum.

The water starts out the top of the fountain and cascades to the middle bowl and then down to the pool. Mythical beings, perhaps gods and goddesses, support the spout at the top and sit underneath the middle bowl. Around the outside of the pool, mer-people are holding fish and the fish are shooting water back towards the middle.

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