Children of the Trails

Location: Johnson County District Courthouse, 100 N Kansas Street, Olathe, KS

Owner: Johnson County Parks & Recreation

Artist: Kwan Wu

Designer: Ray Wolf

Dates: Dedicated September 7, 2000

Medium: Bronze, stainless steel


In the park between the Johnson County Courthouse and the Johnson County Administration Building is this fountain featuring the bronze sculpture "Children of the Trails" by Kansas City artist Kwan Wu. It features a boy and a girl running through an arch followed by their dog. The boy is losing his hat and the girl is carrying freshly picked flowers. A rainbow floats above them and five doves fly overhead. The bronze figures are held up by the stainless steel tubes. These are pioneer children so they are running towards the west. The fountain basins contain rocks and stones to simulate the streams the children would cross on their journey west. Water wells up the top basin and runs gently down the side to the lower basin.

The sculpture is dedicated to all the children who were lost to the harsh and unforgiving elements that settlers encountered on their journeys west. This was perhaps the greatest test of the pioneers' spirit.

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