R.R. Osborne Plaza Fountain

Location: Olathe City Hall, 100 E Santa Fe Street, Olathe, KS

Owner: City of Olathe

Dates: Dedicated November 23, 2001


On the west side of the Olathe City Hall is the R.R. Osborne Plaza. It is dedicated to R.R. Osborne, a prominent Olathe businessman and philanthropist who passed away in 2001. It is a round, two-level fountain. There are eight waterspouts on the top tier and it is surrounded by twelve waterspouts on the bottom tier. The top tier rises above where the water drains. There are also two concrete water runs extending towards "Reflective Spaces," the large mural on the north side of the plaza, and one towards "Giving More Than You Take," the large stainless steel sculpture in the southwest edge of the plaza and they run underneath the concrete and empty into the fountain.

As mentioned above, the fountain shares the plaza with the two large artworks and also a smaller sculpture of a book entitled "Open Book: The Life of R.R. Osborne."

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