Four Fauns Fountain

Location: Country Club Plaza, 314 Nichols Road, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

Dates: Original installation 1928, Relocated 1958, Replicas placed 1964-65


AKA Pool of Four Fauns, Four Fauns Reflecting Pool

This fountain sits near the intersection of Nichols Road and Broadway. It is set back from the sidewalk in a small courtyard with a couple of benches to give people a relaxing area to take a break from walking and shopping. It is just west of the Allen Memorial Fountain.

In 1928, four bronze faun figures were purchased by John C. Taylor in Brindisi, Italy. They were reportedly 200 years old and each had a distinct pose. The fauns were installed in a fountain designed by the J.C. Nichols Company at the southwest corner of 47th and Broadway. When Plaza Central Park was completed in 1958, the figures were relocated to their present location. In 1964-65, three of the original fauns were stolen. Replicas were made of the remaining faun and they took the place of the originals, which is why all of the fauns are identical now.

Each faun sits on a corner of the pool. They each hold a spigot in their left hand which shoots a stream of water into the pool. The bottom of the pool is covered by tiles in hues of blue, yellow and green. A plaque on the east end of the fountain describes what a faun is in Roman mythology.

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