Court of the Penguins Fountains

Location: Country Club Plaza, 511 Nichols Road, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

Dates: Dedicated October 10, 1979


In Country Club Plaza, these twin fountains reside in the Court of the Penguins on Nichols Road between Pennsylvania Avenue and Jefferson Street. The penguins sculptures are the centerpiece of the courtyard and the fountains flank them east and west.

The fountains feature an upper and lower basin with water flowing out the top and into the upper then lower basin. The pedestal holding up the basins depict three griffins back-to-back-to-back with dolphins between them. The fountains both have two pools. The water flows down into the upper square-shaped pool. That water is recirculated back up into the fountain. The lower pool is oval in shape and has a bubbler at each of the elongated ends of the oval.

The courtyard was created as a part of a renovation and remodeling of this part of the Plaza in 1979 to create more public space. The fountains and sculpture were installed as a beautification effort for this area.

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