Fountain of Bacchus

Location: Country Club Plaza, 4701 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

Dates: Cast 1912-14, Purchased 1960, Installed and dedicated 1967

Artist/Designer: Bromsgrove Guild of Warwickshire


AKA Pan Fountain, Chandler Court Fountain

This large sculptural fountain is located on Country Club Plaza in Chandler Court, or what may be better known as the outside dining area for Cheesecake Factory. Originally cast of lead in 1912-14, its home was on the Moreton Estate in Warwickshire, England where it was also the centerpiece of a fountain. In the 1950s, Miller Nichols began negotiations for the sculpture, which he finally purchased in 1960. Due to its size and weight, approximately 5 tons, the sculpture was cut into sections and placed into storage before finally being installed as the centerpiece of a new fountain in Chandler Court in 1967.

The sculpture features the Roman god Bacchus in the form of a herm with grapevines entwined about it. Nymphs and satyrs in various poses attend to Bacchus. The nymphs and satyrs are all wearing or offering various items such as shells, pine branches and flowers. There are oak leaves and acorns entwined in Bacchus' hair. The fountain basin is in the shape of a quatrefoil. There is a fountain ring on the left and right sides of the sculpture. There four bubblers in front and behind the sculpture.

There is some dispute as to whether this fountain actually depicts the Roman god Bacchus or if it depicts the satyr Pan. Arguments have been made either way. Country Club Plaza refers to this fountain as the Fountain of Bacchus in their brochures and records though.

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