Kids at Heart

Location: Hartley's Plaza, 107 SE 3rd Street, Lee's Summit, MO

Owner: City of Lee's Summit

Dates: Dedicated April 1, 2009

Artist/Designer: Kwan Wu


AKA Kids Playing Water

This sculpture and fountain was the City of Lee's Summit's first public art installation. Dedicated in 2009, the bronze sculpture by Kansas City artist Kwan Wu features three children playing in water, probably a creek or stream, and with the fish and frogs in that creek or stream. The sculpture is centered within an octagonal brick basin with fountain jets lining the basin edge that stream water at the sculpture, giving the impression of the children splashing in the water.

The fountain sits in what is known as Hartley’s Plaza and was one of the final steps in a revitalization project of Hartley’s Block, the history of which can be read on the “newspapers” along the back wall. The heart used to be a part of a business that was located at the corner of 3rd and Douglas. It now resides in the plaza and represents the “heart” of downtown Lee’s Summit.

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