Chouteau Heritage Fountain Proposal

The Chouteau Fountain Founders, in association with the City of Fountains Foundation, is looking to raise money to construct the Chouteau Heritage Fountain.

In 1821, the same year that Missouri became a state, Francois Chouteau established the area's first trading post on the bluffs of the Missouri River. Key partners in commerce were trappers and traders from the Osage and Kanza tribes. As Kansas City approaches the 200th anniversary of its founding father's first trading post, there is a unique opportunity to commemorate the city's initial roots.

Known as the "City of Fountains," Kansas City has a tradition of expressing its culture and history through its fountains. What better way to honor the city's founding father and the earliest Native Americans who traded there?

Renowned sculptor, and Kansas City resident, Kwan Wu has been commissioned to create magnificent, larger-than-life sculptures for the Chouteau Heritage Fountain. Landworks Studio headed the design team that has expertly re-created authentic period surroundings leading to and around the river-like water feature and waterfall.

The fountain will send water tumbling over eight-foot tall limestone river rocks while mist jets will generate a gentle fog rising above the "river." Three majestic statues will be perched atop the bluffs depicting a trade encounter. Another scene of a trapper in action will be positioned beside the river walkway.

The site will include an open plaza area for groups or classes to gather and there will be an bus drop-off area for safe loading and unloading. All of the main features will be illuminated to ensure excellent visibility of the fountain at night.

The fountain will be located on the west side of Chouteau Parkway south of Interstate 35 and north of Parvin Road. It will be nestled along the Chouteau Greenway near the Chouteau Rain Gardens. The fountain will be a permanent monument that recreates the river bluffs where Rock Creek and the Missouri River converged.

To make a donation for the Chouteau Heritage Fountain by credit card, please click on the Donate button below to make your donation through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to make the donation.

If you would like to donate by check, please go to the Sponsor a Fountain page and follow the directions there. Be sure to check the box for Chouteau Heritage Fountain on the donation form.

For more information, please contact the Chouteau Fountain Founders:

Chouteau Fountain Founders

P.O. Box 25551

Kansas City, MO 64119

Chouteau Fountain Founders Chair Dick Davis - (816) 452-5914

Facebook: Chouteau Heritage Fountain

Twitter: @ChouteauFount

You can also contact the City of Fountains Foundation for more information through the contact tab in the menu.

The above text and graphics are courtesy of the Chouteau Fountain Founders.

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