The Confederate Soldier

Location: Fairview Cemetery, W Schrader Street and S Terrace Avenue, Liberty, MO

Owner: City of Liberty

Artist: Unknown

Dates: 1904

Medium: Bronze (sculpture), grey marble (column), granite (sculpture base and column base)


On the north side of Fairview Cemetery is this monument honoring the fallen Confederate soldiers of Clay County. The sculpture is of a life-size soldier standing with his rifle in front of him. The butt of the rifle is on the ground between his feet and he holds the barrel with both hands. The soldier is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a long cloak and he has a moustache. The soldier has a green patina while his rifle has green and rust-coloured patinas.

The soldier is approximately six feet tall. The column is approximately nine feet tall. With the base and the pedestal the soldier is standing on, the entire monument is about eighteen feet tall. There is an inscription on each face of the column

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