Dutton Brookfield Memorial

Location: Missouri Division of Tourism - Kansas City Welcome Center, 4010 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City, MO

Owner: Arthur Brookfield

Artist: William Carlson

Dates: Dedicated June 2000

Medium: Limestone and granite


This abstract sculpture serves as a memorial to Dutton Brookfield, a civic, business and political leader in Kansas City who was the chairman of the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority and very instrumental in the planning and construction of the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex, home of both Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium.

The sculpture consists of geometric shapes made of limestone. A large black granite ball with a red granite band rests atop a lintel, which rests on top of two large limestone monoliths. The large limestone members are smooth except for the east face of the south leg. It is located next to the Kansas City Welcome Center at the Truman Sports Complex.

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