Mission Hills City Hall Fountain

Photo by Bradley Cramer

Location: Mission Hills City Hall, 6300 State Line Road, Mission Hills, KS

Owner: City of Mission Hills

Dates: Rebuilt 2006


This fountain sits in front of the Mission Hills City Hall on State Line Road. It is made of a low brick wall forming a rectangular basin. Originally, there were two large bubblers in the basin, which can be seen in one of the pictures below.

In 2006, the fountain was repaired and rebuilt. It now has three water jets at each end. In the middle of the basin, there is a sculpture entitled "The Spring," which is based off an original model by Rafaello Romanelli that was cast using the lost wax method. The sculpture is of a nude boy standing on top of a snail. Water sprays out of the snail's antennae onto the boy's feet while the boy tries to dance his way out of the sprays.

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