Prairie Village Gateway Fountain

Photo by Bradley Cramer

Location: Mission Road and Tomahawk Road, Prairie Village, KS

Owner: City of Prairie Village

Dates: 1951, Dedicated 1952, Relocated 2002

Artist: Annabelle Campbell


The Prairie Village Gateway Fountain sits at the northwest corner of the intersection of Mission Road and Tomahawk Road and across the street from The Village shopping center. It features the concrete-and-stone sculpture "Pioneer Family" by Annabelle Campbell. The sculpture depicts a man and a woman with a baby posed on top of a rock with a wagon wheel between them. The sculpture sits among other smaller rocks on the top tier of the round two-tiered fountain. Water bubbles up through the rocks to the woman's right. Water flows through scuppers to the bottom tier which is ringed with bubblers.

The sculpture was purchased by the JC Nichols Company and placed at the street entrance to the east parking lot of The Village Shopping Center. When Highwoods Properties purchased the JC Nichols Company, they donated the sculpture to the City of Prairie Village who made it part of the fountain at Mission and Tomahawk.

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