Photo by Bradley Cramer

Location: State Line Road and W 69th Terrace, Mission Hills, KS

Owner: City of Mission Hills

Artist: Rafaello Romanelli

Dates: Installed 1963

Medium: Marble


This Rafaello Romanelli work was purchased by Miller Nichols in 1962 for the Country Club district of Mission Hills. The Nymph is a nude woman sitting atop a pedestal on top of a column. She rests her chin on her clasped hands as she looks down at the basin below.

The work was intended to be a fountain but has not been used that way since its placement in Mission Hills. There is a face of a man with a long moustache on the column below the woman. If you look closely, you can see a waterspout in his mouth. There is another man's face with haunting eyes at the base of the column at the basin.

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