Wish Upon a Fountain: Planning for the Future

Our fountains reflect the beauty and personality of our city. Anyone who has lived or visited here has been soothed by the sound of water flowing into pools, mesmerized by the sparkling arcs, and cooled by that fine spray on a muggy summer’s day.

What kind of city, what kind of place would this be without our fountains?

In 1973, Kansas Citians Harold and Peggy Rice, working with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, established the City of Fountains Foundation to encourage the creation, maintenance and long-term endowment of our city’s signature and landmark fountains.

In 2013, the City of Fountains Foundation’s volunteer board of directors led a fundraising effort called “Wish Upon a Fountain,” focused on restoring and preserving aging fountains in critical need of repairs and renovation, and exploring ideas, concepts and costs for new fountains that would further celebrate the history and vitality of our city.  The campaign was very successful and made great strides in repairing and renovating many of the city's grand fountains.

To find out what fountains remain in need of revitalization, TLC - and your financial support, contact Peggy Farrell at 816-843-2299.  You can also click on the Donate button or on Support at the top of the page.